What do standardized tests and annual check-ups have in common?

Kids don’t like tests, but they also don’t like visits to the doctor—yet both are important. Like annual check-ups, standardized tests tell you how your kid is doing, and how you can help them stay on track.

Plus, tests aren’t going away. Whatever your child wants to be—a doctor, an accountant or a carpenter—they’ll have to pass tests along the way.

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One simple way to keep Minnesota great.

The facts are clear: students who do well on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments are more likely to succeed in college.

So let’s keep and improve the MCAs—one of the best indicators of whether or not kids are on track for success in college—and help all kids pass the test.


Parents support standards-based assessments

Most parents think standardized tests are a solid measure of their kids’ ability. They also believe that their schools conduct the right amount of standardized assessments.

Why do parents support standards-based assessments?


Want peace of mind? We thought you might.

Now it’s your turn to do some homework.

Leading advocates and experts are clear: we should improve standardized tests, not get rid of them. Read and share these articles.

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